Privacy Policy

Nuvo Plumbing Privacy Policy

Welcome to our Nuvo Plumbing and Heating website. We take your online privacy very serious most importantly if you are doing business with us. The following is our privacy policies when it comes to those who visit our page to do business with us or those who visit but do not conduct any transaction with us.

Nuvo Plumbing and Heating collects and manages user data by following these Privacy Policies strictly so that they incorporate our company values. When you use our website, Nuvo Plumbing and Heating, you come into agreement to the terms of our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service.

Please read the following Terms of Service carefully and in full.

Collection of Data

Nuvo Plumbing and Heating website collects data anonymously on anyone who visits our Website so that we are able to monitor the amount of traffic coming through our site and to also fix any viruses on our website. If you are just visiting the Website, we simply collect your basic profile information. If you are our Authorized Customer, we further collect your name, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, web requests, your Internet Protocol address, your browser language and other information.

How Data Collected is Used

The data collected, especially your personal information is used to give you the best services we can and to communicate with you on the services available from our website.

We take the privacy and confidentiality of the data that you upload seriously. To confirm how serious we do, we have the best techniques in the industry that are devised in our Website to protect the unauthorized access of data that is stored in our Website.

It is imperative to know that Nuvo Plumbing and Heating does not share your information with anyone without your approval, unless of the following:

  • There is a possible need to identify, prevent or address fraud, security or technical issues
  • It will be from your own request
  • To enforce Nuvo Plumbing and Heating’s Terms of Service
  • To Protect Nuvo Plumbing and Heating’s property, legal rights and that of others

Anyone visiting the Website from outside London is agreeing to any and all the processing of personal information that you give according to this policy.

Nuvo Plumbing and Heating might contact you via email or other correspondence means to send you emails promoting anything that is to do with Nuvo Plumbing and Heating. We will also send you emails from other third parties that Nuvo Plumbing and Heating feels will be of interest to you. If you do not want to get emails from Nuvo Plumbing and Heating, you can simply choose not to receive them at the bottom of our emails or by editing your preferences in your profile.

Data Shared

Nuvo Plumbing and Heating does not share your data, which includes your personal information with third parties. The only data that gets shared is the anonymous amassed data which gets transmitted periodically to external services that we use to improve Nuvo Plumbing and Heating Website and services offered.

At the moment, we are using the Google Analytics which includes SEO optimization and traffic analysis. Google Analytics anonymously take information such as the ad serving domains, demographics, browser type, language settings, time, date, page views and IP address.

Nuvo Plumbing and Heating also uses social sites like Facebook. When you use these site and other social sites, it is entirely up to you. These social sites’ privacy and policies and/or practices have nothing to do with us and it is your task to read and fully come to an understanding of their privacy policies.

It should be noted that we work with other people/agents who are contracted to do certain jobs for us and they are under our control. Seeing that they are working for Nuvo Plumbing and Heating, we might need to give them personal information collected by us so that they can be able to serve you fully. All in all, they are not allowed to use the Personal Information they are given for other things unless they get express instructions from us at Nuvo Plumbing and Heating. You hereby consent to our sharing of Personal Information with our Agents.

Privacy Policy Changes

Time to time, these Privacy Policy might get amended. The information collected will be subject to the Privacy Policy in effect at the time such information is used. If there will be key changes in the way the information is collected or used, Nuvo Plumbing and Heating will make sure you are informed accordingly. That will be done by either emailing you or an announcement will be posted on the Website.

Anyone who is a user of our Website is bound by any changes that will be made to our Privacy Policy when they are posted.

Feel free to contact us through our Website or call us.